Mexx Kitchen at the Whiskey

This is an authentic modern Mexican cuisine that features a wide range of options including traditional fare, authentic Latin, and Mexican cuisine with a modern twist. 
An ideal setting in one of Chicago’s most renowned hot spots.

Mi Tierra

This is a family owned Mexican restaurant serving the Little Village Community since 1983. Customers come from near and far! They provide an authentic Mexican menu with a variety of traditional as well as seafood, chicken and steak items. The signature dish is the “parrillada”, (Spanish for grill) which is a table-top grill piled high with a variety of marinated and grilled meats.

Mixteco Grill

The food here is the only food that is 100 percent authentic Mexican restaurant named from a region of Oaxaca, Mexico and the indigenous people who inhabit it...

Nuevo Leon Restaurant

Colorful and festive with orange walls and big tables, the main dining room fills with lively groups celebrating birthdays and other family occasions.
Located in the heart of Pilsen's Mexican-American scene, this neighborhood classic serves good Mexican fare. Waitresses in traditional blue and white dresses are quick, laying out steaming, crisp tortilla chips, two bowls of salsa (spicy-sweet and just plain hot), and another bowl of pickled carrots and jalapenos before you've even settled in. Food is inexpensive and basic, but filling: from pure, unadorned guacamole to ground beef enchiladas in dark, sweet mole sauce with refried beans and fluffy rice. Caldo de res, a homemade beef stew, is a house specialty. For breakfast, there's huevos rancheros and chilaquiles (eggs scrambled with fried tortilla bits).


Salpicon boasts the best upscale Mexican fare in the Chicago. The quality, creativity and overall excellence of the cuisine, places it firmly on the top step of the Mexican culinary platform.

Su Casa Mexican Restaurant

Opened in the 1960s by Ike Sewell.  Better known for inventing Chicago Style pizza at nearby Uno's, this spot quickly became one of the most popular places for Mexican food in Chicago, and the wait reflects this. The restaurant is located in a converted 1867 carriage house, which adds plenty of character to your experience as you dine on traditional Mexican fare.

Tamales... A Mexican Joint

Salmon Burritos. Pumpkin Tamales. Duck Tacos. Mushroom and Goat Cheese Quesadillas.
And that’s just for starters.


Located alongside Frontera Grill, Topolobampo shares its sister restaurant's address, phone number and dedication to quality. Topolobampo is focused more on fine dining, with a subdued mood and luxury menu composed of high-end ingredients. The ever-changing offerings showcase game, seasonal fruits and vegetables with exotic preparations.

Uncle Julio's Hacienda

Right in the middle of yuppiedom, surrounded by Pottery Barn, J. Crew and Crate & Barrel, stands a restaurant famous for some of the best Mexican food in Chicago. We’re talking about Uncle Julio’s Hacienda. You’ll find this dining delight at the intersection of Halsted and North Avenue, on the edge of Old Town.


Zapatista is named in honor of Emiliano Zapata and all his faithful followers, which were called Zapatistas. During the Mexican Revolution early in the 20th century, Zapatistas fought for freedom, equal rights for fair wages and the opportunity to own their own land.  They found it necessary to tell this story through their restaurant.  Zapatista is one of Chicago's best authentic Mexican restaurants. Favorite dishes include the made-to-order guacamole and the fajitas which are served sizzling hot in a lave stone. The menu also boasts excellent steak and seafood dishes and a seemingly endless list of tequila choices. Guests will love al fresco dining in late spring through early autumn, with grand outdoor dining area on the sidewalk.

Zocalo Restaurant & Tequila Bar

Zocalo's offers authentic Mexican Cuisine in a fun, energetic environment, and boasts of one of the finest and largest tequila collections in Chicago.
Zocalo's is fast approaching being a popular restaurant in the River North area, where it has benefited from the renaissance of the area that has brought in many art galleries and young professionals that still know how to party. Zocalo's serves serious Mexican food, if that's what you are in the mood for, but it's equally as fun to enjoy a few drinks at the bar or on the patio and soak up the festive scene. For a more low-key dining experience, check them out......

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