Portage Theater

Originally opened in 1920, the Portage Theater is an architectural landmark and one of Chicago's oldest movie houses. Since being purchased by new owners in 2006, the Portage Theater has been restored to its original beauty and serves as the centerpoint of the Chicago independent film community and a key venue for up-and-coming indie music artists.

Facets Multimedia, Inc.

This is one-stop shopping for all things considered multi-media art. If you saw your favorite movie in Sweden, Morocco or another far-away place and can’t find it, chances are you will locate your lost jewel at Facets Multi-Media in Chicago. This is considered one of the largest distributors in the world of many films you will find nowhere else.

Gene Siskel Film Center

He was the witty, argumentative, tough-minded half of the famous duo known as Siskel and Ebert. Who could forget the great conversations Gene and Roger had about movies during their nearly thirty-years together on television.

ICE Chatham Theaters

This was one of three State-of-the-Art Multiplexes (along with the 62nd & Western 10 and Lawndale 10) built by Inner City Entertainment in 1997 through a partnership with Cineplex Odeon, who would operate them. They were viewed as a significant effort to bring movies back to the city's African-American Community, and to help revitalize the South-side of Chicago.

Muvico Rosemont 18

Muvico Theaters offers an amazing digital viewing experience and 4,227 reclining stadium-style seats. Other luxury features include a 300-seat VIP Theater and a total of 502 premier VIP seats throughout, VIP free popcorn, VIP valet parking and a full-service restaurant and bar.

Navy Pier IMAX Theatre

Undoubtedly one of the Pier's biggest attractions is the 440-seat Navy Pier IMAX Theatre. Featuring Chicago's largest flat movie screen - a soaring six-story, 60 x 80 foot screen designed to enhance both 2D and 3D films. >

Omnimax - MSI

Located in Chicago's famed Museum of Science and Industry, this larger than life theatre offers educational films on a grand scale. The 72' diameter dome is approximately 5 stories tall and contains 342 seats. The screen itself is made of perforated aluminum. Over 10.4 million people have been to the museum's theatre since its opening.

Portage 16 IMAX

Starting in 1930 with just a single screen in downtown Grand Rapids, Goodrich Quality Theaters has innovated, changed and grown with the industry to include theaters in cities throughout Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. From the usher taking your ticket to the president of the company, we are committed to the best customer service, projection and sound in every theater and auditorium. Most of our theaters feature comfortable, high-back tempur-pedic seats. All theaters feature digital surround sound to give you that one-of-a-kind experience

Reel Movie Critic

Reel Movie Critic offers timely & concise movie reviews, celebrity interviews, previews and other movie related articles. An average of seven reviews a week are published each Friday.

Regal Lincolnshire 20 & IMAX

There are high-backed stadium seats with retractable cup holder armrests; a gourmet cafe; a large concession counter; top-notch sound systems including DTS, SDDS, and Dolby Digital sound; even a video game room. When all 21 theaters are filled, the cinema seats more than 4,400 moviegoers. The Imax theater seats 270 and operates in either the 2-D or 3-D format. It features a six-channel, high fidelity motion picture sound system and special Imax PSE (Personal Sound Environment) headsets. It's the closest thing to being there, folks.