Billy Q

Forged from a unique partnership between Chef Bill Kim, Cornerstone Restaurant Group and Michael Jordan, bellyQ redefines Asian barbecue and elevates it into an interactive dining experience that’s creative and modern. Chef Kim and his expert team take the best seasonal, locally farmed ingredients and craft them into a menu that’s bursting with flavors, from bright and crisp to smoky and earthy. Whether you choose to grill your food at one of our grilling tables or linger with friends over one of Chef’s specialties, this is food that will spark your imagination as it satisfies your belly.

Fat Rice

Fat Rice as the No. 4 best new restaurant in the country. The restaurant, owned by Abraham Conlon and Adrienne Lo, serves Macanese-style dishes, a relatively new cuisine in the U.S. The food of Macau is a combination of ingredients and influences from countries like Portugal, China, India and Southeast Asia, offering a completely new kind of fusion cuisine in the hip Logan Square neighborhood.

Amarind's Thai Restaurant

This impressive Thai spot serves familiar dishes, but of a quality you won't find at your corner noodle stand. Appetizers include deboned chicken wings stuffed with shiitake mushrooms, shrimp, chicken and vegetables, and then deep-fried. Entrees include chicken Panang curry, and spinach noodles topped with plump shrimp, real crab meat, bean sprouts and garlicky chile sauce.

Anna's Asian Bistro

When you visit ANNA'S, you'll experience the authentic home cooking that Chef Noy and owner Anna Makmok (mother and daughter!) have enjoyed all their lives. Their inventive, expansive and affordable menu features the cuisines of Thailand, Japan, Korea, India, Laos and beyond. Start with something crispy - like Japanese stuffed avocodo or tempura, Thai chicken wings or Indian samosa. Perhaps a Japanese pork kabob or Peking duck bun is more to your liking. Saigon and Bangkok rolls, miso, Tom Yum or Mama Ginger soup plus a salad will round out your first course. For a main dish, try Mongolian steak or chicken, ginger scallops, or Laotian curry noodles. ANNA'S original sushi items are much in demand and include Chef's Signature dishes and nearly 30 varieties of makimono!


One of Chicago's 2007 AAA Five Diamond - Rated Restaurants
Venture to Thailand when you enter this legendary dining area, small and intimate with paintings of and artifacts from Thailand. No a la carte fare here. Instead, dine on sumptuous two and three-course meals. Try the ginger red snapper with lemon grass and miso. Curries are fabulous - flavors and textures galore.
The service is casual but polished.....

Ben Pao

Ben Pao offers an extensive menu of contemporary Chinese cuisine encompassing the four regions of China, as well as many other Asian influenced dishes. Specialties at Ben Pao include black peppered sea scallops, 7-flavor beef, crispy garlic tofu, sesame chicken, freshly grilled satays and pan-fried string beans.


Benihana - Schaumburg

The story of Benihana had its roots in Japan right after the war. At that time, Yunosuke Aoki, (Yoo-OOH-No-Soo-Kay Ah-OH-Kee), a samurai descendant and a popular Japanese entertainer together with his wife Katsu (KAHT-Soo), opened a small coffee shop in Tokyo. A red safflower, found in the neighborhood streets gave the Aoki's the inspiration for the restaurant's name —Benihana— which in Japanese means "red flower."


A quote from Buddha painted in large, elegant gold script on the back wall helps set the tone for this Hyde Park restaurant with the Zen-sounding name of Chant. But the Buddhist cultural references contrast with the club music and the hard edges of metal-topped tables in the booths and the huge rough-cut steel letters spelling the name out front.

Chi Tung

Chi Tung Restaurant is the premier Asian restaurant in Evergreen Park. Serving a full menu of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese favorites, Chi Tung has been recommended by everyone from Chicago Magazine to Check Please!

Dragon King Restaurant

Dragon is located in Chicago’s famous Chinatown Marketplace. Come see the standing art of the Chinese Zodiac statues in Chinatown Square, but don’t miss the classic Northern Style Chinese cuisine at Dragon King just around the corner! The culinary focus here is food from China’s Northeast region. This includes Peking Shredded Pork, Da Pai Noodle, and Steamed shrimp with Garlic.

Dragonfly Mandarin

The Mandarin has taken the true Chinese dining experience to the next level. This unique restaurant/lounge hybrid has been open for a little over two years now in the West Loop and has quickly become the choice destination for a perfect combination of traditional Chinese dining and late-night festivities. The emphasis here is to preserve the authenticity of classic Chinese cuisine.

Hing Kee Phohung Restaurant

The Chinatown Essentials. Friendly casual Vietnamese café with terrific bargains.  Combos for $7.50 which often include appetizer, main course, and a drink.

House of Fortune

Chinatown Essentials: Looking for fine dining with a Mandaring and Cantonese menu.  Consider one of the best restaurants for celebrating in Chicago.  Great service,  flavorful food, and generous portions.

Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant

Authentic Costa Rican fare in a casual Mom-and-Pop setting with some of the best Chicken Burritos around. Experiment with the Casado and an Oatmeal Shake.


The layout and decor are decidedly intended to ebb and flow, transporting diners to a bold, unforgettable dining adventure. A copper-wrapped revolving door sheeted with an overhead red awning invites patrons to look ahead, where water falls in front of a high gloss red brick wall, tamed by matte gold sheers on either side. "Modern Meets Old World Japan" is evident everywhere.

Joy Yee's Noodle Shop

The Chinatown Essentials: Big, colorful bowls of noodles give off so much steam that windows stay fogged up throughout winter. The Pan-Asian menu spans the Orient, featuring noodles and rice dishes from Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and, of course, China.

Kamehachi of Tokyo

Kamehachi has four locations in Chicago, including the original Ontario Street restaurant. Kamehachi offers a high-end Japanese dining experience without too much attitude.

King Wah Restaurant

King Wah is an old standout in Chinatown. The food is great, the portions are large and the prices unbeatable. The atmosphere is simple, elegant and charming with its deep high back booths, red lanterns and the waitress sitting in the back of the restaurant preparing peas for the kitchen.

KS Seafood

The Essentials of Chinatown: The only Taiwanese restaurant in Chinatown,serving stinky tofu and other traditional foods...

Le Colonial

This restaurant transports guests to another time and place, vividly recapturing the beauty, romance and spirit of 1920's French-Colonial Southeast Asia. Le Colonial invigorates the senses with exquisite decor and savory authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The first floor dining room is adorned with louvered shutters, woven rattan chairs, potted palms, slow-moving ceiling fans and nostalgic black and white photos of turn-of-the century life in Saigon.

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