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1492 Tapas Bar

Housed in a four-story River North Greystone, offers traditional tapas and entrees including a veal chop "painted" with sherry and balsamic vinegar and served with an artichoke tortilla (the quiche-like Spanish version, not the Mexican variety) and "Paella 1492"--stocked with chicken, shrimp, mussels and calamari, it's sized for one and served in a miniature paella pan.


Birrieria Zaragoza

If you are looking for something different when it comes to Mexican food then this is the place.  Expertly roasted goat shank is celebrated every day here.
It's all about the goat here!!  Birrieria Zaragoza goes through approximately 22 young goats in a weekend, seasoning the meat with kosher salt before gently cooking it in a sealed steamer on a stovetop for five-six hours. Unlike most birrieros, they make their consommé, which is tomato-based, without drippings from the meat. It's a method John learned by videotaping Segura's wife, and it results in a clean broth without the fat. After steaming, an ancho-based mole is applied to the meat and then transferred in to an oven to roast, resulting in a wonderfully tasty oven-roasted birria. The birria is accompanied with hand made corn tortillas, which are made on a wood tortilla press. The tortillas are an exquisite vehicle for the goat, lightly drizzled with the consommé and garnished with chile de arbol Picante, onions, cilantro and lime and roasted arbol peppers.

Cantina Laredo - Chicago

Cantina Laredo serves authentic Mexican dishes in a sophisticated atmosphere. We offer daily fish specials, grilled chicken and steaks complimented by signature sauces such as chipotle-wine with portobello mushrooms or sauteéd artichoke hearts and roasted red bell peppers.

1492 Tapas Bar

Housed in a four-story River North Greystone, offers traditional tapas and entrees including a veal chop "painted" with sherry and balsamic vinegar and served with an artichoke tortilla (the quiche-like Spanish version, not the Mexican variety) and "Paella 1492"--stocked with chicken, shrimp, mussels and calamari, it's sized for one and served in a miniature paella pan.

Adobo Grill Old Town

A word from Adobo Grill - Old Town
Adobo serves the finest Authentic Rustic Mexican Cuisine. It is also one of the top Mexican restaurants in the city is best know for table-side guacamole, margaritas and a collection of over 80 tequilas.

Big Star

So, here's the short version of this honky tonk faux dive bar.
It's a good bar with good music, good, cheap drinks and good, cheap food.
Here it's all about the tacos...
The short menu includes a handful of a la carte tacos and tostadas, queso fundido (melted cheese with chorizo), beans, a salad and guacamole it's inexpensive (tacos are $2.00 - $3.00) and delicious.

Blue Agave Restaurant

If you are looking for a Mexican Resturant that makes its own hot salsa, and the Margaritas will make your feet dance, then visit Blue Agave.

Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba

Situated in Lincoln Park, one of the hubs of night-life in Chicago, Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba is great for two or a group. Order the tapas and share and pair it with a pitcher of sangria, which comes in a variety of flavors. Enjoy the patio in the warm weather. The vast menu offers, seafood, chicken, beef, lamb, cheeses, vegetables and gazpacho. For the early bird, there is an afternoon $2.00 tapas bar.

Cafe Iberico

Cafe Iberico delivers authentic Spanish dishes like no other. Relax and enjoy yourself in a colorfully designed space that is a glittering mix of beautiful plates, hand painted tiles, glimmering bottles of wine in all shapes and sizes, and magnificently detailed jars of olives.


Carnivale is a reflection of Latin culture and community, as passionate as the people themselves. The soulful cuisine allows you to explore the dishes of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, El Salvador, and Mexico. The kaleidoscope of colors, music and playful décor ignites the sense of being in a Latin house party. Executive Chef Mark Mendez proudly supports the Green City Market and uses as many local ingredients as possible and uses sustainable products out of concern for the environment and community.

Cemitas Puebla

Cemitas Puebla has brought authentic Poblano food to Chicago. Their chipotles and salsas are made in house from an old family recipe. The Oaxaca cheese is fresh and the papalo is grown in their own garden. They take pride in using fresh ingredients and will even travel to Mexico to pick up key ingredients to make our specialties taste “just like home”.
This restaurant was featured on the Food Networks - "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives".


Cuatro strives to present the traditional flavors of Latin American and Caribbean cuisines in a modern, yet down-to-earth fashion.  The approach is one of simplicity and boldness of flavors with an emphasis on popular Mexican cooking.

Exposure Tapas Supper Club

A dining craze across the U.S. a few years ago, "tapas" are little dishes of Spain served before lunch and dinner in bars and taverns. There are as many variations of tapas as there are cooks in Spain, or maybe more. What are they?  Small portions of food which are served as part of the social scene. Exposure has taken this concept, created it's new supper club, and made an intimate yet social setting to enjoy there club nouveau tapas dishes.

Hacienda Tecalitlan

This is just the beginning! You are surrounded by a reproduction of owner Carlos Garcia's two-story Jalisco abode. You're invited to experience fine dining at a very moderate price range. Authentic and unique menu selections such as broiled quail, tortilla soup, and chicken mole are a specialty. Desserts are done in a grand way! Make sure you try the three milk cake. Top off your dining experience with the mariachi band as they stroll through the courtyard.


Ixcapuzalco (pronounced eeks-ka-poo-sal-ko) looks like a standard Mexican restaurant, with brightly colored folk art and simple wooden furniture. While the decor is inoffensive, it does no justice to the authentic and delicious culinary treasures in store. The restaurant's chef/owner Geno Bahena comes from the renowned Frontera Grill. Each day he features one of seven different mole sauces, rich and intriguing. Especially recommended (when in season) are the chef's soft-shelled crabs and succulently prepared venison. Seafood is also deservedly popular here. The full bar offers a wide array of specialty tequilas.

L' Patron Tacos

 Tacos You’ll Fall In Love With.....

La Cantina Grill

La Cantina Grill is committed to providing only the freshest and highest quality Authentic Mexican Food in Chicago. 
With distinct Mexican Cantina decorating style, the founders created a unique restaurant concept around original recipes that demanded the freshest ingredients tailored around La Cantina's family tastes.  Beyond tacos, burritos,  and enchiladas, La Cantina specializes in Mexican char-grilled marinated steaks, perfectly seasoned fish fillets, ceviche and our jumbo butterfly shrimp.

La Taberna Tapas on Halsted

Named after the casual corner eateries in Spain, La Taberna features the flavors of Spain’s Basque region, Latin America, Mexico and the Mediterranean. The menu is executed by the culinary team of Enrique Cortez and Gustavo Castaneda.
La Taberna offers such signature dishes as Croquettas de Pollo (chicken croquettes with chipotle aioli), Empanadas de Picadillo (four ground beef turnovers with raisins, queso fresco and chile ancho sauce garnished with avocado mousse and radish), Vieras Salteadas (sauteed bay scallops, chistorra and Arbequina olives served with a creamy saffron sauce), Zarzuela (seafood stew with shrimp, squid, mussels and tomato-seafood broth) and Salmon (marinated cedar plank with seasonal vegetables and chile ancho sauce).

Maiz Anojitos Y Bebidas

Carlos and Margaret Reyna's cozy little Mexican restaurant is based on the idea of "Pre-Hispanic Cuisine." The staples of this diet, and of the restaurant's menu, are maize (corn), beans, chilies, and zucchini. 
Choose one of the six basic tortilla options and then choose your fillings or toppings as you review the menu.

Mercadito Chicago

The festive 120-seat space playfully blends rustic rope lanterns and whitewashed brick walls with glittery accents and aggressive artwork by Erni Vales, a New York graffiti artist who has created sets for rock stars, nightclubs, television and movies. The midday crowd is young and dressed for the office, chatting comfortably over jazzy, contemporary music.

Mexico Steakhouse

On Archer Avenue, along the edge of Bridgeport and only blocks away from the Hispanic neighborhood known as Pilsen, you’ll find the Mexico Steakhouse. It isn’t in the guide books and the concierge at a fancy hotel won’t know about it but if you’re looking for Mexican food – prepared with love and artistry – you'll find it here.

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