Baxter's Vineyard and Winery

Baxter’s Vineyards, the oldest winery in the state of Illinois, is a small family winery located in the historic town of Nauvoo, Illinois. The winery was established in 1857 by Emile and Annette Baxter. Today, the Baxter’s Vineyards continues within the same family with Kelly Logan and his wife Brenda. Kelly is a part of the fifth generation of Baxter’s to grow grapes and apples and make wine in Nauvoo.

Fox Valley Winery

Welcome to one of Illinois’ premier boutique wineries! Just west of Chicago, in the Fox River Valley, you have the chance to experience truly unique, fine wines of Illinois! Whether you prefer red, white, dry or sweet, you’ll find the perfect wine for your palate at Fox Valley Winery. So spend a little time with us at our beautiful Fox River Valley location. Sample our wines and judge for yourself.

Galena Cellars Vineyard

The Lawlor Family Winery—now spanning three generations
Little did Robert and Joyce Lawlor know back in the early 1970’s what their passion for winemaking would bring.

Acres of rolling farmland hosting 22 different specialty grapes, 60,000 gallons of wine per year, 40 wine varieties, three tasting rooms and thirty plus years later and many cherished friendships, the Lawlors are proud to have created a family legacy…that now spans three generations.

Glunz Family Winery & Cellars

My name is Joe Glunz, Jr. and I will show you around the GFW&C Cellar. During the end of Winter & throughout the Spring, we are letting the wines relax and age slowly in the oak barrels. There they can soak up some soft creamy oak flavors while they react slowly with the oxygen, causing the aging process of these fortified wines. 

Fortified means that the wine's juice had been very slightly fermented then quickly halted with the addition of high-proof grape brandy. This process increases the alcohol dramatically, keeping the active yeast from eating any more of the sugar. The result is a dessert (sweet) wine with alcohol around 17-20%.

Tuscan Hills Winery

Tuscan Hills Winery, recently opened in 2011, is located on Historic Hills Drive, directly behind the Harley Barn. This winery is located on eight picturesque acres which helps bring an Old World Tuscan feel to the heart of Effingham. The owners are focused on creating elegant, approachable, and perfectly balanced wines of the highest quality. Wine tastings, along with space available for reservations makes this a must stop for group tours. Tuscan Hills Winery wants you to "Come as our guest, but leave as our friends."

Walkers Bluff Winery

Local winery with a General Store, 5 star cuisine at Legends Restaurant, wine cave, open air pavilion, gazebo and much more. Enjoy a glass of wine while listening to live entertainment. Boasts a large childrens play area, large handcarved sculptures, and even a full service gas station at the general store. You must visit to see the magnitude of this destination.

Lynfred Winery

For a over a quarter of a century Lynfred Winery continues to truly be an experience of discovery for all whom turn into its cobblestone drive! The journey for Lynfred Winery began in 1979 in the historic Fenz home on Roselle Road, but after a decade of growth, expansion became a necessity.